The singing bowls history began more than 5000 years ago at the Bronze Age. They were used as a domestic tool, then in late centuries they’ve became a spiritual tool used for mantras chanting, meditation and for cultural rituals. Only more recently have they been used to treat and regenerate.

Back in the early days, many centuries ago, Tibetans had to cross the Himalayan mountains to Kathmandu Valley to transform their own metals by Nepalese metal workers called “Newar”. Till today, authentic handmade singing bowls with 7 metals including Silver and Gold still originate from Nepal.

Chakra means “Wheel” in old Sanskrit civilization language, a wheel because this is a crossing point of many electric charges generated by our own cells and atoms.
The property of a “wheel” is to turn one side or the other side. A chakra is never closed or blocked, a chakra can only be balanced or unbalanced. Chakras are the connection between the spiritual aspect of our being and the physical.

Our 7 main Chakras are the result of the Endocrine Gland System of the body. The sound and the vibration given by the singing bowl will help, in addition to physical exercises, a specific check up of lifestyle and food habits, to provide a proper food diet and self meditation program post treatment. It is a complete treatment, body and mind.

The chakra balancing therapy is a treatment correcting and balancing unbalanced chakras, so that the endocrine gland and all the associated organs affected by that gland run correctly to maintain the body and mind.

Nepali Singing Bowls create a range of sounds and acoustic arrangements that restores the normal vibration frequency of our Bio Magnetic Field. This is a regenerative process that can have profound impact and positive consequences on all aspect of our lives. Sounds of Singing Bowls stimulate our brain waves and create a pulsation of sound to entrain our brain and optimize all major Body Endocrine Glands System (controlled and commanded by the pineal and pituitary gland in our brain), which help to treat and help to fix the physical body by adapting brain frequencies that in turn will create a new hormonal flow to the associated glands stimulated.