Samir Nirakar is travelling around the world bringing Light, Hope, Love and Peace. 

He is a Body and Mind Therapist,

A Life Guide 

A Teacher

A Writter

A Researcher

A Singing Bowls and Meditation Specialist

Nirakar has gained extensive coverage in Europe, United States, Middle East, Russia and Asia, with his goal to develop new techniques of health and wellbeing combining ancient Himalayan and the far East traditions with contemporary Western knowledges and techniques. 

Originally from Paris with Algerian Berbers roots. Samir Nirakar can see beyond things by channeling the unique energy of being and the strong interconnection between beings, matter and the universe.

He resolved himself to study History, Ancient Civilizations, Archaeology, Biology, Physics, Astronomy, the powers of Herbs, Plants, Gems, Minerals and Quantum Biophysics.
As always, he wanted to find answers and try to find the kernel of who we are and why we are here.
Combining these insights, his feelings and his anatomical and medical knowledge related to the bio magnetic field generated by our own cells, he started to share, guide, treat and help others.

Few years ago, on a quest to look deeper into himself and complete his own transformation and happiness, Samir Nirakar knew he would have to go both to and into a special place in order to achieve a higher state. Ever since his calling, he developed an affinity for literally going to the top of world, the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal. There, he met his singing bowl and meditation teacher developing his skills. Samir Nirakar learned how to treat with Singing Bowls and Meditation Technics, learning from a master the ancient methods that have reverberated throughout the ages. 

Based in Nepal, Samir Nirakar has since opened a Therapy and Singing Bowls Center in West Nepal on the Pokhara Annapurnas mountain range and Kathmandu, where he continues to provide therapies. He treat and train a lot of people from all over the world. He has also organized monthly Himalayan group tour and trek across the Himalayan range till the Mustang region at the Tibet border a millennium area full of discoveries, history, an archeological treasure and must for all local people traditions and beauty.

The National Nepali TV Channel “NTV” has chosen him to run an educative Tv Show about the Singing Bowls Art and techniques of these ancient traditions, combining ancient and ancestral Himalayan uses with Western medical views.
The National Medical Talk Show on “Fewa TV” also interviewed him to know more about his Medical and therapeutically tool. The French TV “BTLV” did the same. TF1 French National TV did the same as well with a TV show “50 min Inside” during which Samir Nirakar is conducting a Full Moon Active meditation event, as a part of the documentary dedicated to promote Sultanat Oman as a place to know and visit in the Middle Eastern region.

He trained doctors at the American Hospital of Pokhara, Nepal, on the medical applications and uses of singing bowls and massage therapies for reducing pain and stress to injured patients. He is a reference, a guider and a learner of traditions both past and present. 

6 years ago, Samir Nirakar decided to leave his Nepali comfort zone and to travel worldwide to share his knowledge, technique and expose himself by providing conferences, workshop, lectures and therapies to people worldwide. 

Driven by the passion to share, he decided to move to the USA. He practiced in San Francisco and New York City, as well as conducted conferences at the Columbia University Asian dept. Few months later he returned to Paris France to participate in an alternative medical congress, where he led workshops, training programs and conferences.

4 year ago, he moved to Oman, which he used as a base throughout the Middle East where he’s been providing lectures, workshops, sport and meditation events, coaching and therapies to highly influential individuals.