Adopting a different approach to the traditional Singing Bowls usage, Samir Nirakar offers a series of innovative and restorative Natural therapies, all of which are inspired and guided by ancient traditions of Himalaya’s kingdoms and Middle East old and ancient traditions combined with Western scientific and medical approach.

We offer several ways to improve your mind and body and first of all taking care of your Electro Bio Magnetic Field’s vibration generated by electric charges inside our cells coming from the core of atoms. To improve your Health through different sources as Singing Bowl therapeutic treatments (sound therapy and physical vibration), natural therapies as Plants and Herbs treatments combined with Minerals, Dietary program, soft and adapted sport exercises and Meditation exercises as well.

We offer Himalayas treks till the Mustang at the Tibet border for those who needs to reconnect with themselves and the world around us. And for those who are interested to learn more and be able to treat themselves or others, we provide different course and trainings.

We offer some Special Sound Active Meditation Event worldwide during the Full and New Moon. Each therapy will begin with a private consultation in order to determine the individual’s personal and current state of well-being. Using only authentic Nepali Full Moon bowls, Natural Treatments and a device developed by the Nasa researchers to balance the Magnetic Field and/or to be aligned with the one of the Earth itself, called in Science “Schumann Resonance” during our therapy.

Our Therapies are considered and classified as Complementary Medicine and/or Alternative Medicine.

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